Letter of condolence  

May 08, 2008

1655 Maple Street
Redwood, California 92345
March 20, 2008

Dear Professor Wood,
I have just had a letter from my sister, Angela Blue, telling me about your wife’s illness, and her death last month. I wanted to let you know how sad my husband and I were to hear the news, and to send you our sympathy in your grief.
During our undergraduate days, your house was always a center of warmth and kindness for us, as well as a place for eager discussions of ideas. It meant a great deal to young people away from home to find a welcome by your fireside. And the love that was so evident between you and Mrs. Wood set a sort marriage ought to be. Jim and I will always be grateful for that. We hope your memories of such a long and happy marriage will be some comfort at this difficult time.

Sincerely yours,

Helen Simpson

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